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Federica Gaeta

Psychiatric rehabilitation therapist and instructor of Mindfulness interventions and MBSR protocol since 2016, trained with dr. Alberto Chiesa at the APC / SPC School of Cognitive Psychotherapy.
Practice daily Vipassana meditation participating annually in long residential retreats (so far Feldman, Genoud, Testa), deepens the applications of Mindfulness within rehabilitative sciences and neurosciences. It has expanded its exploration through Gregory Kramer’s protocol of Mindfulness Interpersonal, a path that allows, in an exemplary way, to explore the responses operating in the relational and communicative field, based on a solid base of personal practice.
Since 2016 he regularly conducts sessions of Mindfulness (both group and individual), MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) protocols and practice laboratories, also offering psychoeducational advice and dealing with individualized rehabilitation projects for the integrated management of psychiatric and stress disorders. He has worked in some therapeutic communities for psychiatric patients also deepening the training on Social Skill Training groups, training and recovery of social skills in the treatment of schizophrenia and participating in the theatrotherapy activities of the Department of Expressive Therapies of the ASL TO3. (Public Health Services of Turin)