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PerShaTra (Permanent Shared Training) – FormaPerCondi

The PerShaTra or FormaPerCondi days started in September 2017, and approximately every two months, they continued alongside the Basic training course.
The character of these days is based on the exchange and cultivation of the Windhorse environment. In fact, proposals for exchange and training by participants are very much appreciated. They are open days and all Accordo members can propose them, in the period from September to the end of November. The Agreement Directors will examine the proposals. The duration of these moments is generally one day, from 10.00 to 18.00, with shared lunch, and we tend to include them on Sunday after basic training, in order to offer the opportunity to spend a weekend together. It is not excluded that other formulas can be evaluated.
To participate in these days it is necessary to be up to date with the membership fee, and a contribution of 10 euros is foreseen for the reimbursement of the drivers’ expenses and for the operating expenses.
To date, the themes of the FormaPerCondi days have been:

Creation of personalized meditation cushions
Assaggi di massaggi  (Massage tastings)- Shiatsu and Tui-nà
Butoh Dance Experience
Suggestioni di percussioni (Suggestions of percussion)
Nozze coi fichi secchi (to do things on a shoestring) – experiments about trapper cooking  and happy simplicity 🙂

At the moment, the hypothesized dates of FormaPerCondi 2019, alongside the Listening and Basic Attendance Training, are:
13/1, 10/3 and 12/5 2019.

We invite you to consult the calendar to see all the scheduled events