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About us

“We looked for a name for an association that gave the idea of “uniting different people and talents create something new, but we wanted that this” born again “could further change.

Something that expresses movement, opportunities, becoming, and harmony … Something that was more than the union of the parts where each part is necessary but not sufficient alone, and at the same time they became flowing …

The way in which we found the name, in an evening of brainstorming is an integral part of what we want to achieve: a “place” of possibilities, where individual talents can come together to create a melody that expresses something of the stories about the world and to the world returns.

“ACCORDO” is an association of Co-therapy. We can speak of Co-therapy when the professionals come together to deal with the discomfort of a person TOGETHER. To do this, however, it is essential to share some assumptions about the idea of health and illness:

  • health is balance between internal (physical and psychic), relational and environmental systems of each person;
  • this balance can’t be static, because all of these systems are on moving and change continuously in their own and each other;
  • sickness can be considered a loss of balance that can endure more or less in time, and comes on being for a past or present, internal or external reason;
  • a temporary loss of balance can change in a new one, dynamically steadier the reached or reachable balance can be only subjective so that the “cure” must necessarily directed and compared with individual parameters of those people, making it the most active part of the project possible.

Imagine life as the sound of a tune that blends individual with all others, of all living, environment, earth, the cosmos … a melody that is created continually as … like a giant jam session!

Imagine then, health as a condition where you can play, express yourself, sometimes with a solo, sometimes playing with others, many or few … The disease appears as a condition in which you can not or can no longer play your melody, and the causes may be internal or external, present or past; (fisical, psychological, relational, environmental …)

That’s the goal of therapy may be to help the person to play again, or play better … And if we see life, relationships between people, and therefore the therapy as a continuous, large or small jam sessions, this course also applies to the Co-therapy. This is the spirit of ACCORDO.

What we do: to spread the culture of Co-therapy, the collaboration between different disciplines within the care of people, through the development and / or implementation of projects of research, testing and training.”

We wrote this on the evening of December 6, 2007, in a brainstorming evening at the home of Laura, current vice president of Accordo. At the moment, The Windhorse Project is the core of our work.
In the last years, our collaboration with other Windhorse Centers in the world has grown more and more and has oriented  Accordo’s activities in this direction.
Collaborations with other Centers take place monthly, for the supervision of the ongoing projects and during the meetings of the Windhorse World Council. As an active part of the Windhorse International Network, Accordo also took part in the organisation of the Windhorse international conferences in Vienna in 2014 and Boulder, Colorado, in 2019. More specifically, we maintain a close collaboration with Windhorse Vienna e con il Windhorse Community Center di Boulder

page updated on March 13, 2022