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Our training proposals are directed to everyone who wish to deepen the themes of listening to ourselves and others, and the relationship; relative of people in mental suffering; people  interested in collaboration with Windhorse teams and people working in the field of help relationship: counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, exponents of the psycho-socio-educational field, but also everyone who is simply curious to explore and expand all possible ways to communicate, inside and outside ourselves.

The cultivation of a condition of mindfullness and body and mind synchronization, are some of the fundamental points of the Windhorse teaching, which is also based in large part on the practice of meditation.

Speaking of practice, we could only choose an experiential style, which tends to start from a lived – possibly physical – experience, to a comparison with the theory, that  becomes at this point recognizable, more than understandable, because it can be traced back to a lived experience .
Alongside a listening and Basic Attendance training and mindfullness training, we offer moments of Permanent Training, such as Reading and Meditation evenings and “PerShaTra” (Permanent Shared Training), FormaPerCondi  in italian:-).

As far as possible, we tend to choose, for training activities, places that favor contact with nature.

For more information, consult the dedicated pages or contact us