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Paola Parini

Paola Parini is president of “Accordo”.

Psychologist psychotherapist with psychodynamic orientation, registered with the Order of Psychologists of Piedmont, has been doing private activity since 1988.
Master in Psychotraumatology and Emergency Psychology, he is a member of the Association of Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (APDE) and of the European Association for Psychotherapy.

She was a consultant at the Hospitality Center in Ivrea (now a Type B protected psychiatric community) between 1992 and 1997.
Within Accordo he is the reference for the Windhorse project, which he also supervises the training for Basic Attender together with Andrea Atzeni. Both are members of the Windhorse World Council and represent the international Windhorse community in Italy.

She has been interested in Drama Therapy since 2003 and completed in June 2009 the Training Course for the Arts of the Scene of Teatranzartedrama of Moncalieri (TO). The complete theater curriculum is visible on the dedicated page of the company Atti O Scenes in a public place to which it belongs.

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Combining psychology and theater, he has developed a course of individual psychotherapy realized through the instruments of the actor: “Ve lo dico così” (I tell you so)

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