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RECOGNIZING From “Recovering Sanity” E. Podvoll p 274

(..)The patient has a history of sanity as well as a history of illness. It is made up of landmark events in his life that describe a development yearning for health. On the one hand they are historical moments, but also they can presently be cultivated through the activities of basic attendance. (..)

The patient has periods of revulsion when he feels estranged from life and is nauseated about the way he is living. (..)

Yet an intelligent discrimination has taken place between what is sane and insane and this can provide the motive force for change to occur. (..)

All the islands of clarity in the history of sanity may easily be perverted into confusion and despair when they are not recognized as opportunities for further health.(..)

All of these become apparent during basic attendance, where one can appreciate intelligent and wakeful impulses during the throes of illness. The very act of recognizing and appreciating them is an important event in further cultivating islands of clarity.

“Recovering Sanity”
of Edward M. Podvoll
Shambhala Publications – November 2003