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Finding energy

FINDING ENERGY From “Recovering Sanity” E. Podvoll p 275)

Even when he is most stuck in his other – worldness he has flashes of energy directed toward real objects in his life.(..)

There is always some little connection with concrete reality that a person has that can be contacted offered on the simple level of their sense perceptions.(..). The patient smokes mindlessly , but when he is a cigarette of fine tobacco he slows down and savors the aroma. He eating generally in a distracted and careless way , but when the meal is carefully prepared and presented , he admires the colors of the food and comments on how good it tastes. (..)There is always something to work with – as long as it is concrete.

One can always find a passionate point of contact with the senses . It is in such a circumstance that the patient experiences some kind of gentleness and goodness in the word.(..)

Even though your regular channels of communication with him are cut off, we can still work with the pinpoint of his sensory energy . We do not try to “wake” anyone up ( this has been a frequent mistake ); we simply relate to his spontaneous wakefulness , whenever it occurs. That is startling enough.

“Recovering Sanity”
of Edward M. Podvoll
Shambhala Publications – November 2003