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LEANING IN From “Recovering Sanity” E. Podvoll, p. 276

There is a point when we need to increase his level of individual responsibility. In this sense, “responsibility” means things he might do to care for himself. (..)

Leaning in means contacting the notion of discipline, of work, and of being productive and useful. (..) When we work alongside him you notice a peculiar energy cycle so common to someone recovering from psychosis. There is an initial hesitation to perform a new activity : an insistence on sameness, a fear of being dragged into a trap, o just not “going along”. Then, even if he wants to do it, there is an inability to get started: a unique inertia (..)a sense of embarrassment, or a fear of being judged. And, once into the activity, he may experience a wild enthusiasm or an immediate sense of failure. But if we stay with him , finally there is an opportunity for completion. (..)

“Recovering Sanity”
of Edward M. Podvoll
Shambhala Publications – November 2003