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Someone Beside You – Qualcuno Accanto a Te

“Someone beside you” is a documentary film by Swiss director Edgar Hagen. Created in 2006, it tells the story of the” Windhorse “approach through a series of interviews with the protagonists – patients and psychiatrists, and Podvoll himself, the creator of the model.

The original movie is in German and English, with English subtitles for the German part.
The idea of ​​dubbing comes from:

– the need to let people known about the existence of this approach in Italy, especially to families that have people with serious psychiatric problems
– the consideration of the scarce knowledge of foreign languages ​​in Italy (where the dubbing has such a great tradition and diffusion)
– the fact that some of us are very close to the world of theater and the artistic and communication part is very present in the Association (several of us recite, some sing, others dance).

So we contacted the director and obtained the authorization to produce a limited edition (100 copies) of the movie to spread this approach that we are already experiencing, in connection and collaboration with other Windhorse groups operating in Colorado since 1981 and in Vienna since ’94.
In the multi-professional style of Accordo, we involved several professionals: translators, voice actors, graphic designers who enthusiastically decided to invest their work in this project,
The way to carry out the enterprise was that of “social business”: profit is not only economic, but also social. In this case, the dissemination of the model will be considered profit.
Since it is not about charity or volunteering, but about “investments”, the services of all those who participated will also be considered on the basis of economic value, at least theoretical.
What we could guarantee is the visibility of all those who would have participated, and the economic value of the project itself will be highlighted, so as to emphasize the contribution of each one. The “added value” will be having contributed to spreading the approach.
If more than the mere coverage of expenses can be achieved, minus the 20% percentage that will go to the association and will be reinvested in further projects, the remainder, if there will be, will be used for the compensation of those who worked on the project.

If you share with us the idea that health is a condition of balance between the internal (psychic and physical), relational and environmental systems of each person …
… and therefore ‘idea that the disease is basically a lack of balance that lasts more or less over time and that is created for some reason present or past, internal or external
If you think that a temporary loss of balance can turn into the achievement of a “dynamically” more stable balance,
If you like imagining life as the sound of an individual melody that blends with all the others and therefore health as the condition in which you can play …
… and illness as the condition in which one cannot or does not manage to play his own melody

If you want to contribute to the diffusion of the Windhorse approach, book a DVD by writing an email to or contact us to organize a movie screening evening
The offer is free. We have calculated that the amount that can be returned is about 25 euros per DVD.
The dubbing was done with the “voice over” technique, both for simplicity and to keep the original voices in the background.


For the translation:
Maria Antonietta Brandino (from the web site of the movie “Someone beside you)
Giulia Vinai (Script of the movie from English)
Franca Landorno (booklet associated with the DVD – from German)
Emma Patrignani (Script of the film from the German)

Voice actors:
Andrea Atzeni (E. Chapin)
Federico Bava (Edgar Hagen)
Stefania Bo (Susan – client of E. Chapin)
Barbara Braconi (Andrea -client of Litschig)
Matteo Calbi (Dr Tillman – Jonathan)
Simone Cantono (Kaspar)
Aurora Camoglio (Sherri)
Enzo Inserra (Litschig)
Nicola Marchitello (Anonimous)
Paola Parini (Karen)
Maurizio Tropea (Podvoll)
Marta Rizzi (sister of Anonymous)

DVD recording, mixing and mastering at the MINIREC studio in Turin (Via N. Fabrizi 16) by Massimo Rivolta

Direction of dubbing by Sara Venturino

Graphic adaptation of the DVD cover and the material attached to the Italian version by Michele Severini.

Thanks to Teatranzartedrama (Center for the Formation of the Arts of the Scene – Moncalieri, Via Palestro 9) for the collaboration provided in finding voice actors and collaborators.

We thank all those who have given their time, enthusiasm and availability in the various phases of the project and those who wish to contribute to the dissemination of the DVD and the Windhorse approach with any form of collaboration.

Special thanks to Juri DiMolfetta, Francesco Gargiulo, Marco Moz, FrancescoTosetti.

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