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Maitri week – October 28th – Novembre 4th 2021!!!

Maitri week – October 28th – Novembre 4th 2021!!!

Life is in constant motion …

Here is the updated date for the Maitri week: 28 October – 4 November 2021

Due to the new regulation for issuing US passports, because of the pandemic, we had to change the expected date again.

Let stay with what is there, and we hope it is what we would like it to be!

About Maitri Space Awareness

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Maitri is natural gentleness and friendliness to yourself, which very much includes gentleness and absence of aggression in relating with the world.
Maitri can actually be cultivated in yourself and in other people; you can cultivate gentleness and warmth.
When you express kindness to others, then they in turn begin to find natural warmth in themselves

(Ch.Trungpa, “The Sanity we are born with”)

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